What raising a child with Down syndrome really means

If you happen to see my family or one that resembles mine, you’ll appreciate that parents love all of their children wholly and unconditionally. The fact that they have a child with additional needs doesn’t make this any different. They — just like you — are trying their best to raise a wonderfully compassionate family. They are happy, content and fulfilled. And, most of all, you should know that if you were in their shoes, you would and could do it, too. This is the message I hope to spread this Down Syndrome Awareness Day — and every day.

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Marriage Matters: It works, if you can find it

For years, we have touted the benefits of attending relationship education and encouraged everyone we meet to go get yourself some (we are probably more obnoxious than a newly-recruited pyramid scheme sales couple). Yet a study published in the February issue of the academic journal Family Relations demonstrates that relationship education can improve relationships.

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Informed Parents of California (IPOC) calls for rejection of State sex education mandate

Informed Parents of California (IPOC) will rally on the south steps of the Capitol March 28, 2019 at 10 a.m., calling for the rejection of the State Board of Education’s Proposed Health Education Framework and a reversal of mandates for comprehensive sexuality education and teaching gender fluid theory as young as pre-kindergarten. The grassroots organization says thousands are expected to attend. “California’s implementation of the California Healthy Youth Act (AB 329) is a model for organizations that push comprehensive sex education nationwide and they intend to use this agenda to promote social change. They are using our kids and our tax dollars to undermine families, parental authority, cultural values and the very principles this nation was founded upon,” says IPOC Spokesperson Aileen Blachowski. “California parents will not tolerate the State’s attempt to use our children as pawns to push their extreme and damaging agenda.”

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How State and Federal Lawmakers Can Promote Ethical Options for the Terminally Ill

As lawmakers in several other states weigh physician-assisted suicide, the stakes could not be higher. While champions of assisted suicide often cite the futility of continuing treatment for patients believed to be terminally ill, medical prognoses are never completely certain. By legalizing physician-assisted suicide, state lawmakers repudiate traditional medical ethics. The Hippocratic oath, which has governed Western medical ethics for over 2,000 years, says: “I will keep [the sick] from harm and injustice. I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect.”

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The Left’s Identity Politics Rejects the Vision of Martin Luther King Jr.

The retreat into labels, identity politics, is the lazy man’s formula for justice. To study, work, learn, understand, and be humble is hard work. Resorting to politics and slogans—pointing responsibility everywhere except upon oneself—is so easy. It has become so popular because it appeals to the worst in man.
There is no freedom without personal responsibility, without humility, without reverence for the sanctity of life and without knowledge that every human being is unique and created in the image of God.

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In the UK Today, Men Who Marry Are Deciders, Not Sliders

Here’s what I think is going on. As social pressure to marry has gradually disappeared, those who do choose to marry are making it more of a deliberate choice. We’ve already seen evidence from the United States that “deciding,” rather than “sliding,” is particularly important to men’s commitment. Well, it looks like we are seeing this in the UK with this gender effect. Divorce rates were higher previously simply because some men were sliding into marriage under pressure from family and friends. No longer. Men who marry today in the UK are “deciders” who really want to get married rather than “sliders” who are doing it under pressure. Since falling divorce rates are the driving force behind the overall reduction in family breakdown that we’ve seen in the last five to 10 years, this improvement in men’s commitment is having a hugely positive effect. What’s more, we expect the fall in breakdown to continue as these stable newly married couples have children who become teenagers

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Marriage Isn’t About Making Adults Feel Nice, It’s About Raising Children

Since DOMA, marriage law has radically changed. But the facts that 1) children are the natural product of sexual relationships between men and women, 2) both fathers and mothers are necessary and important for children, and 3) marriage between one man and woman is the best way to promote healthy families and societies certainly have not. In fact, out-of-wedlock births have risen sharply since 1996, so the need for marriage as an incentive to encourage men to commit to the mother of their children has only increased.

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‘Leaving Neverland’ and the new sexual morality

Despite reports that young people are more interested in their phones and videogames, every effort is being made to get children and young people to focus on their sexuality, discover by experimentation where on the made-up spectrum it falls, and how to get pleasure from it. Paedophilia will fit in very nicely here when its time comes. As society looks away from what this sexual indoctrination is, child abuse, the abusers of the future are being nurtured.

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