Middle-Class Families Struggle to find accessible, affordable Child Care

SALT LAKE CITY — With school in full swing, full-time working parents are struggling to find affordable, high-quality child care.

Common scenarios in child care breakdowns — like a father staying home from work to care for a sick child, a mother leaving work in the middle of the day because a babysitter canceled, or a parent worrying about leaving their child at a neighbor or relative’s house — could significantly impact employers, just as much as families, by interrupting an employee’s productivity and affecting a company’s bottom line.

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Faithful Living in a Fractious Age: Evaluating “Fairness for All” in Light of Christian Theology

“You are a city on a hill…you are the light of the world.” Many Christians know these words from Matthew 5:14 by heart. They cheer us and warm us, reminding us of our essential nature as believers. We are a called-out people, made the children of God by the sheer grace of God. Yet our love of this encouraging truth can—if we do not pay close attention—mask the deeper reality of our calling. If we are a city on a hill and the light of the world, then we know that not everyone stands beside us. Many do not belong to the city; many do not wish to see the light we reflect from God.

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For the Love of God, Life Is Worth a Fight

Auriesville, New York — “This . . . is a cri de coeur, a cry from the heart. I am a lifelong Catholic, and I’ve been a priest for thirty-three years and a bishop for four years. I have dedicated my life to the Church. The sexual abuse scandal has been for me, for millions of other Catholics, and especially for the victim-survivors, lacerating. I have written this book for my fellow Catholics who feel, understandably demoralized, scandalized, angry beyond words, and ready to quit. What I finally urge my brothers and sisters in the Church to do is to stay and fight — and to do so on behalf of themselves and their families, but especially on behalf of those who have suffered so grievously at the hands of wicked men.”

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Bernie Sanders’s Anti-Semitic Surrogate

Earlier this year, many liberals faced up to the problem of left-wing anti-Semitism. Despite the widespread sympathy generated by the Women’s March, the group that had organized the first and largest “resistance” protests against Donald Trump, the Democratic National Committee and other leading liberal groups and individuals disavowed the organization prior to planned January marches, because its leadership had become compromised by accusations of anti-Semitism. The March splintered in two, because its problem with Jews was too important to ignore even for those who shared its goal of creating one big tent of leftist and liberal Trump critics.

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Female Genital Mutilation: Horrid for Muslims but Healthy if you’re Trans?

The NHS is setting up support centres across England for victims of female genital mutilation – eight walk-in centres where women aged over 18 “will be offered expert care.” (‘New clinics to help victims of female genital mutilation’, Telegraph, September 14, 2019).

Understandably, these victims of the practice have told the BBC that they welcome these new facilities, which they see as “a way forward” that ‘would allow women to “speak out” about their ordeals. but it seems they will be acting well after the event, which usually takes place during childhood, rather than trying to prevent it.

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A Daily Baby Aspirin Could Help Many Pregnancies And Save Lives

Bridget Desmukes was surprised when her OB-GYN recommended low-dose aspirin at her first prenatal appointment this past spring. She knew about daily low-dose aspirin being prescribed to people recovering from a heart attack or stroke. But for pregnant women?

In a past pregnancy, Desmukes had developed preeclampsia, a potentially serious complication that involves high blood pressure. A small amount of daily aspirin, it turns out, can significantly cut the risk of developing preeclampsia in pregnancy. It’s currently recommended for many pregnant women by two influential groups — the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an independent panel of experts commissioned by the federal government.

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