Where Are the Statues of L.G.B.T.Q. Pioneers?

For all of June, New York City will serve as host to World Pride, the biggest celebration of gay liberation in the world. The event marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in Greenwich Village and the half-century of activism and civil rights reform that followed. In conjunction, we asked readers to tell us which New Yorkers they would like to see paid tribute in the city’s public spaces.

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Christian leaders say religious freedom was among issues that influenced voters

Christian leaders believe religious freedom was among “sleeper” issues that influenced votes for the Coalition in marginal seats across the country. Mark Spencer, national executive officer of Christian Schools Australia, said parents in marginal seats had expressed their concerns to his organisation over the protection of religious freedom.

“There are mums and dads across Australia who want to choose a school that reflects their values,” he said. “We know that parents in key marginal seats across Australia were saying to us how important the protection of values, beliefs, and freedom of religion are to them.

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First In Asia: Marriage Equality Comes To Taiwan

Just days after Taiwan’s legislature passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage for the first time anywhere in Asia, the tiny island nation is about to register the first gay and lesbian weddings in its history.

“Today is a proud day for Taiwan,” said Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen on Friday, during her visit to the southern municipal city of Tainan. “It is the day Taiwan let the world see the goodness and value of this land. Everyone’s love is equal.”

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Young Marrieds Are Staying Married, Thanks to Our Divorced Parents

While exact numbers are weirdly hard to come by, experts estimate that the rate has fallen roughly 24 percent from its peak in 1981—and millennials are a huge reason why. (As for that old “50 percent of married couples get divorced” stat you grew up hearing and fearing: “It’s unclear if it was ever true, and it’s certainly not true now,” says Justin Wolfers, a professor of public policy and economics at the University of Michigan and a leading authority on divorce in America.)

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