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Eating together is good for families. Here’s how to start the tradition.

Oh, the holidays: That special time when you set the table with your good plates, and admire and enjoy a home-cooked meal for the first time in a long time. Sitting down for a family meal is common around the holidays, even if it isn’t so common every other time of the year.

Maybe it should be. There has been significant research to show that family meals are associated with a multitude of benefits for children and adolescents not only in regards to nutrition, but also psychosocially.

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Is there a link between pregnancy and crime? These experts think so

A pair of economics graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley, have taken an interesting look at crime among new parents. And while their study hasn’t been peer-reviewed yet, their findings hint at something interesting, though maybe not entirely unexpected.

Maxim Massenkoff and Evan Rose used a very large dataset to consider crime and found that when women become pregnant, participation in drug use, DUI or property and economic crimes, among others, is cut by 50%. And the level of illegal activity stays down for the three years they examined after a child is born.

For expectant fathers, crime drops as well, though the numbers are smaller.

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International Population Controllers Talk Reproductive Rights, Africans Talk Family Values

The 2019 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held in Nairobi last week will be remembered as a United Nations gathering that deliberately shut out pro-family and pro-life advocates from around the world.

“Most United Nations conferences will allow diverse opinions, but this one was hostile to anyone who spoke against issues like abortion or homosexuality. We also know that those admitted were sexual health and reproductive rights supporters, so their voice would dominate the summit,” Dr Wahome Ngare of the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) told MercatorNet.

The restrictions did not stop there, on the final day of the Nairobi Summit, when KCPF and other organizations tried to organize a peaceful demonstration around Nairobi, opposing the ideas being pushed by the conference, they were blocked. The same forces that barred pro-family and pro-life supporters from attending the summit prevented them from marching.

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America’s Epidemic of Unkindness

Take five minutes to meditate. Try to quiet the judgmental voice in your head. Call your mother. Pay for someone else’s coffee. Compliment a colleague’s work.

In an age of polarization, xenophobia, inequality, downward mobility, environmental devastation, and climate apocalypse, these kinds of Chicken Soup for the Soul recommendations can feel not just minor, but obtuse. Since when has self-care been a substitute for a secure standard of living? How often are arguments about interpersonal civility a distraction from arguments about power and justice? Why celebrate generosity or worry about niceness when what we need is systemic change?
Those are the arguments I felt predisposed to make when I read about the newly inaugurated Bedari Kindness Institute at UCLA, a think tank devoted to the study and promulgation of that squishy concept. But it turns out there is a sweeping scientific case for kindness. In some ways, modern life has made us unkind. That unkindness has profound personal effects. And if we can build a kinder society, that would make life better for everyone.

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Many Think Cohabitation is Fine, But That’s Not What Social Science Says

A nineteenth-century humorist once warned that a bigger problem than knowing little is “to know so many things that ain’t so.” Well, Americans know “many things that ain’t so” about cohabitation and marriage.

A new Pew Research Center study shows Americans both cohabitate (“live with an unmarried partner”) and find cohabitation acceptable more than before. But other research shows this is unwise. Here is what the Pew Research Center found.

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Sharing Stories about Hard Things can Change Lives

There is great power in sharing stories. Let’s take it a step further and say sharing stories, especially those about hard or sensitive subjects can be life-changing. Here’s why: You never know when your story may help someone (especially in your own family) overcome an obstacle in their own life. Not to mention the fact that sharing your hard stuff is healing and therapeutic.
I have been interviewing people for a couple of decades and I always find that if you are hesitant to share something difficult but feel a nudge to do so, you shouldn’t hesitate. It’s probably because you need to share to help yourself or someone else.

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How to Find Unity at Christmas

We don’t have to control the holidays for them to be enjoyable. We only need to bond with the people around us to make the holidays most meaningful. Christmas is about “peace on earth and goodwill to all men.” No matter what side of the Christmas tradition debate you find yourself this Christmas, do as Christ would do and spread peace, love, and joy as you enjoy a unified holiday season; even if it isn’t your way.

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Chick-fil-A needs saving in battle it’s losing from within

Moms and dads of faith have long pointed their children to Chick-fil-A with hearts full of gratitude for their adherence to a faith that causes them to close each week in honor of the Sabbath. Even people who don’t go to church admire the business for the practice. It is unusual, to say the least, when the fight to the top is often marked by greed.

Mr. Cathy and Chick-fil-A became symbols of courage at a time in America when foundational principles are increasingly under attack by leftists. When Mr. Cathy refused to buckle to political correctness and instead continued to boldly but lovingly promote the timeless principles of faith, freedom and family, Americans rallied to his cause.

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8 ways Facebook could destroy your marriage

Facebook was once a place to post how you were feeling and where you were going to spend your Saturdays.

Now, it’s sucking so much time from people’s lives and it may have a profound effect on marriages.

According to a study cited by the Christian Post, Facebook has been linked to an increase in divorce. As the Facebook population has risen, the divorce rate has also increased, the study found.

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