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‘It makes me … scared’: Female Myrtle Beach realtors targeted by a possible human trafficking text scam

How does $300,000 sound to you, to become a Victoria’s Secret model?

That’s what Myrtle Beach resident May Barr was offered through a text exchange on Sunday. Barr didn’t buy into the offer, quickly taking to social media to warn others and later finding out she’s one of at least six local female realtors who received the same texting scam.

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A couple digging a grave for their baby found another infant buried alive

The couple were at the cemetery in northern India to bury their baby, who died minutes after birth.

As they dug a small grave for their child, their spade struck something hard. It was a clay pot and, from inside, they could hear an infant crying. That, local police say, is when the villagers discovered a newborn, buried alive.

She was no more than two or three days old, according to police in the state of Uttar Pradesh, who were quickly summoned to the cemetery on Oct. 10 and took the newborn to a hospital. The infant had respiratory problems and was put on a ventilator, said Alka Sgarna, the medical superintendent who treated her and spoke to CNN.

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Faith, Workforce Participation, and Marital Satisfaction Among Young Mothers

Whenever I am booked for a speaking engagement to a group of women, I generally arrive a good half-hour early to watch the women walk in, grab a cup of coffee, and meander to a seat. They mingle, a luxury I allow them, careful not to impose on the pre-program fellowship I know they value. Most often, I am the program—the speaker invited to impart wisdom on the topic of “marriage in the early parenting years.” Although I certainly do not have all the answers, I draw from nearly three decades of research I’ve done on this topic.

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6 Ways The Sexual Revolution Gets Its Hands On American Kids

“If the next 10 years are anything like the last five years, we’re all in trouble.” That was one grim takeaway from a panelist at the recent “Summit on Protecting Children from Sexualization.” Hosted by The Heritage Foundation and the Family Policy Alliance, the event explored how children are being exposed to sexual themes, images, and behavior at an early age. This is setting them up for emotional and physical trauma, as well as making them vulnerable to abuse.

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The Key To Raising Brilliant Kids? Play A Game

We all want to raise smart, successful kids, so it’s tempting to play Mozart for our babies and run math drills for kindergartners. After all, we need to give them a head start while they’re still little sponges, right?

“It doesn’t quite work that way,” says Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, a professor of psychology at Temple University and co-author of Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Successful Children with Roberta Golinkoff. She’s been studying childhood development for almost 40 years.

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Joker and the Need for Family

Setting the box office record for an October release, the new film Joker is a worldwide phenomenon. Before its release and since, discussion of the film has been obsessed with the debate over whether the portrayal of a disaffected white man violently lashing out at society might bleed over into real life by breeding copycats or if such suggestions are the overreach of woke culture. Major reviewers have judged the film to be “empty,” “foggy,” and a “bad movie,” that “leaves you numb.” But critics have missed what seems to me a central message of the story: the descent into madness begins with the breakdown of the family.

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