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5 Ways Your Porn Habit May Be Harming Your Mental Health

Porn is so widely accepted as a “normal” habit or go-to for passing time, but what isn’t as widely known are the negative effects that result from the isolating habit.

Casual consumers probably know the feeling: loneliness or incompleteness, losing interest in the things once loved, and feeling generally hopeless. We wouldn’t wish these downer feelings on anyone after their temporary porn-high, yet frequent porn consumers’ habits make them susceptible to these negative and heartbreaking effects on the daily.

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How Anti-Trafficking Agencies Fight Sexual Exploitation By Catfishing Online Sex Buyers With Robots

There’s no doubt technology is radically changing the world we live in.

In some cases, that’s for the better.

Take the cell phone, for example: the first of its kind was launched by Motorola in 1983. Costing around $4,000, with a 30 minute call battery life, and about the size of a Subway footlong sub sandwich (can you imagine carrying that around?), this device allowed humans to call others on-the-go without the constraints of wires or portable phone holders for the first time in history.

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Catholic university student gov’t narrowly votes to ban porn from campus wi-fi

By the barest possible majority, the Catholic University of America’s Student Government Association resolved to demand that the university shut down access to 200 of the most notorious pornography websites on its Wi-Fi networks.

On April 1, the SGA called on university administrators to effect the ban on the campus Wi-Fi used by faculty and students. Sponsored by student senator Gerard McNair-Lewis, the “Resolution for a Pornography Free Campus Network” called on CUA to “take an outward stance on the use of pornography by prohibiting access to the top 200 pornography sites through the campus network.” The SGA promoted a petition and resolution, signed by the student body president.

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Adults only: the battle to keep online pornography from Britain’s children

A large cohort of experts, parents and, indeed, young people are worried about hardcore pornography’s online ubiquity. More than eight out of 10 parents (83%) back age verification, according to a poll for Internet Matters, a not-for-profit organisation funded by the likes of Google, Facebook, the BBC and Sky. That young people have always sought out pornography is not in doubt. Indeed, one argument against the new law is that it stops young people doing something they have always done. But this view is myopic, according to experts. “There’s always been porn around but we’ve never had a porn industry before,” said John Carr, secretary of the Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety. “In the search for novelty, and new and shocking material, the industry is producing stuff that was unimaginable 15 years ago in the mass market.”

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Why The UK’s Porn Block Is Necessary For Society

Rowland Manthorpe’s article entitled “Why the UK’s porn block is one of the worst ideas ever” gives a series of reasons as to why the UK’s porn block law is “bad” for children. Citing everything typical to pro-prostitution narratives Manthorpe argues that: Nothing will work to curb the use of pornography, it will encourage illegal activity, this borders on censorship, and that “there isn’t even a good reason.” In short, Manthorpe analyses pornography as a right without any negative repercussions, asserting that such a law can only be made in bad faith with the intent to misrepresent and frighten.

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‘Leaving Neverland’ and the new sexual morality

Despite reports that young people are more interested in their phones and videogames, every effort is being made to get children and young people to focus on their sexuality, discover by experimentation where on the made-up spectrum it falls, and how to get pleasure from it. Paedophilia will fit in very nicely here when its time comes. As society looks away from what this sexual indoctrination is, child abuse, the abusers of the future are being nurtured.

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6 Reasons Why People Who Don’t Watch Porn Are More Satisfied With Life

Think about some of your favorite memories. Do most of them involve being alone and isolated, or with those you love?

The fact is, humans are biologically wired to thrive in community with other people. We are wired to connect to others in real life, building relationships and friendships. So what can get in the way of that need? A lot of things, but more specifically, porn can.

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Facebook uses AI to tackle revenge porn on social media

Facebook has announced that it will begin using AI software to prevent and restrict the distribution of non-consensual sexual material – also known as revenge porn. In a March 15 statement, Antigone Davis, Facebook’s global head of safety, said the new technology will detect nude videos or pictures distributed without permission on Instagram and Facebook.

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It’s What He Does Online That Matters Most: Gaming, Porn, and Relationship Quality

Has the rise of screen culture—smartphones, gaming, and tablets—hurt relationships? It’s an important question as research shows that the current cohort of young adults (i.e., Millenials and iGen) are dating less, marrying less, and having sex less than older cohorts did when they were the same age. These studies, which have focused on unmarried individuals, have speculated that these relationship trends are due—in part—to the contemporary experience of omnipresent interactive technology. But how does screen culture influence relationship quality among cohabiting and married individuals? And is it a matter of how much time people spend on virtual reality or what they do on screens that matters for their relationships in the real world?

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