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Pornhub wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the Hallmark holiday, the online-smut giant is opening its premium service to all—a move that last year drew more than 3 million users to the normally pay-walled section (the free section attracts 120 million daily). New Yorkers, meanwhile, can head down to the Lower East Side to browse Pornhub’s pop-up store, featuring “Brand Ambassador” Asa Akira as well as Pornhub-branded chachkies.

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Utah bill to require warning label on pornography passes House

SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah bill to require pornography sites to post warning labels about the harmful effects lawmakers say it can have on minors cleared another legislative hurdle Tuesday.

The Utah House of Representatives voted 60-12 to pass HB243, which would allow publishers to be sued for up to $2,500 for each violation of not posting a warning label. The bill, watered down from its original version, includes a more stringent test of pornography, using an adult standard of obscenity rather than defining it as material harmful to minors.

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Addressing pornography: How indexing and family history can help

Hayden Paul saw pornography for the first time at age 15. He was shocked and afraid. As days and weeks went on, the image plagued his mind and “slowly turned into the barbed hook that it really is,” he said.

“By the time I was 17, it was very prevalent in my life. About every single day I looked at pornography. And at the same time, I felt completely alone. … The shame of it all just kind of piled up on top of me until it felt like I couldn’t move anymore,” said Paul, a Sandy, Utah, native who is now 23.

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Pornography And Sex Trafficking Are ‘Completely Interwoven,’ Activists Warn

Pornography and sex trafficking are issues that fuel one another, contributing to a high demand for sex and a dangerously sexual culture, activists warn.

Anti-sex trafficking leaders who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation said the porn industry fuels demand for violent, obscene, or child-related sexual fantasies, prompting porn consumers to sex, through pimps, from sex-trafficking victims. These advocates also maintain that pimps engaged in sex trafficking blackmail victims through sexually explicit videos and sell victims to producers of pornography.

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“Send Nudes”: A New Study Shows How Often Boys Pressure Girls For Explicit Photos

A recent study has shown just how common it is for teen boys to coerce or threaten girls into sending nude pictures: an analysis of 500 accounts from 12- to 18-year-old girls about negative experiences sexting found that two-thirds of them had been asked to provide explicit images — and that the requests often progressed from promises of affection to “anger displays, harassment and threats.” In an article about the study for The New York Times, psychologist Lisa Damour writes, “Teenagers are drafted into a sexual culture that rests on a harmful premise: on the heterosexual field, boys typically play offense and girls play defense… Most schools and many parents already tell teenagers not to send sexualized selfies.

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Committee approves bill requiring warning on pornography

SALT LAKE CITY — A bill requiring pornography to carry a warning label about the harmful effects of exposure the state believes it can have on minors was approved by a House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

“This is not meant to be a panacea that will protect everyone. It’s meant to be one other thing that will help. And I don’t think our current catch-me-if-you-can methodology as it relates to obscenity is working,” the sponsor of HB243, Rep. Brady Brammer, R-Highland, told the committee. “It’s time to try something else.”

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I tuned in to watch football, not porn’: Christian activist wants to sue ‘for $867 trillion’ over J. Lo & Shakira Super Bowl show

Christian minister Dave Daubenmire has vowed to sue the NFL and broadcasters over the “pornographic” Super Bowl halftime show performed by Latina pop divas Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.
The performance at last Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV in Miami featured veteran popstress Lopez, 50, pole-dancing and knee-sliding toward the camera with her crotch.

Colombian diva Shakira, 43, belly-danced and also performed while bound with ropes.

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Pornography Is a Public-Health Problem

Should we ban online pornography? This question has been greatly exercising the Right. Many libertarians say no, since to do so would be an affront to free speech. Many social conservatives say yes, since not to do so would be an affront to the common good. Both positions are compelling, which is why they are unhelpful as a starting point. A better place to begin is the apolitical medical research establishing the facts about porn beyond a reasonable doubt, to be followed by a dogged public-health campaign, and then targeted political action.

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Dear America, We’re Better Than This

What a confusing world we now live in, especially for our teenagers. We encourage young men to stay away from the drug of pornography, then we show up on television and phones with dealers. We tell young women we want them to be empowered, and then we send them role models with stripper poles and a carefully chosen subtext: “Men have the power. You want to get along in this world? Focus on Sex. Let Yourself be Manipulated, Used, and Disempowered.” Then at the end of this Halftime show we add little girls in pure white clothes to try to legitimize what just happened.

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You Are Here Super Bowl Sunday’s Introduction to Pornography

Super Bowl Sunday. A time for good family fun. A time to stuff yourself with chicken wings, brats, soda, and a few beers while watching a major sporting championship surrounded by family and friends. With tons of food and football, it’s practically a second Thanksgiving!

Around 102 million viewers tuned into the big game yesterday. This year’s Super Bowl – much more entertaining than last year’s snooze fest between the Patriots and Rams – found the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers entering the locker room tied at 10-10 after the first half. As the players jogged off, the football field was transformed into a stage for a halftime show featuring pop singers Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Any idea that this was another football-filled family holiday quickly dissipated.

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