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Meet ‘Hex’, North Dakota’s first dog to help find child pornography

FARGO (KFGO) – The first dog in North Dakota trained to sniff out electronic devices for law enforcement is on the job in Fargo.

“Hex” will be used to find computers, cellphones, thumb drives, memory cards and other devices that store child pornography. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem says “Hex” recently completed six months of specialized training in Indiana.

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More evidence that porn leads men to abuse women – and sometimes kill them

American statistics covered by The Atlantic recently revealed that nearly a quarter of American women feel fear during intimacy as a result of seemingly spontaneous porn-inspired violence, a trend that has attracted increasing attention over the past several years. In response to my column, the alleged comedian Billy Procida (who also hosts the “Manwhore podcast”) angrily tweeted at me that women were “ASKING to be choked,” that “choking is not unhealthy,” and that “you shouldn’t choke someone without learning to do it properly,” a sentence that is six words too long. He didn’t care for my response that this was the sort of thing guys who watched too much porn say.

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Sexting’s lasting consequences need to be understood

Confession: It’s almost inconceivable to me that a youngster would take a picture of her/his “private parts” and send it to someone. However, about 20 interviews with Minnesota educators, legislators and state officials convinced me that as Caroline Palmer of the Minnesota Department of Health explained: “Sexting is a pretty common way for many Minnesota youth to communicate with each other. It increases through their teen years.” She also described “sextortion” — a crime I’d never heard of.

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PayPal cuts ties with major pornography site

The online payment system PayPal has cut ties with one of the world’s biggest purveyors of online pornography.

Every day, millions of internet users watch online pornography for free at Pornhub. However, Pornhub also allows people to upload and sell their pornographic content on the website, which until recently was often done through PayPal. PayPal’s decision to cut off PornHub makes it more difficult for “models” to receive payments for their material.

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Injuring the Innocent: The Pernicious Effect of Pornography on Home and Society

Author Mary Day Winn once said, “Sex is the tabasco sauce which an adolescent national palate sprinkles on every course of the menu.” Adolescents are highly responsive to novelty, they are impulsive, and more likely to take risks. This is because the part of the brain that is responsible for regulating behavior is not yet fully mature in young people, and they lack the experience and wisdom that accompanies age which would help them navigate and avoid risky behavior.

Older people can also have difficulty modulating their actions. Even as our stores of wisdom (hopefully) grow, our cognitive skills decline with age, leaving us vulnerable to bad choices. My husband, who is skilled in flying commercial aircraft – clearly no dummy, and who knows the safety rules that accompany the use of power tools, nevertheless made an unwise choice recently that cost him the tip of a finger on his left hand.

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Pornography is a public health crisis

In an effort to normalise pornography, there are people who point out that porn has been around since ancient times. That might be true, but porn today is like nothing the world has ever seen.

Pornography is now everywhere. It’s available on almost every screen and smartphone on the planet. In the West, what was once scandalous and shrewdly stocked in the newsagent or video store is now fodder for billboards, and makes for vanilla viewing on primetime TV.

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