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Sen. Chuck Grassley: Religious freedoms under attack – US can promote and protect liberty globally

The Declaration of Independence recognizes each individual is endowed with inalienable rights. Americans cherish our blessings of freedom, including the rights of individuals to worship freely. From one generation to the next, Americans enjoy the freedom to live one’s faith, no matter one’s creed, and to share in those traditions with family and loved ones.

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Actor: Slighting Christianity Is the Sign of an Ill-Read Mind

John Rhys-Davies is a veteran actor perhaps best known for his role as Gimli in The Lord of the Rings.

He’s also a staunch defender of Western Civilization, shunning politically correct fears and declaring that those offended by suggestions that not all value systems are equal “are fools, and ultimately, scoundrels.”

Rhys-Davies’ recent statements demonstrate he refuses to be placed in the “fool” category. During an interview at the Movieguide Awards, Rhys-Davies made some blunt revelations about his own beliefs and the role of Christianity in history.

Despite his role in many family- and religious-friendly productions, Rhys-Davies does not consider himself a Christian. “I count myself a rationalist and a skeptic,” he said. Yet he is in no hurry to shun Christianity. Instead he notes, “I find myself constantly defending Christians and Christianity.”

Rhys-Davies engages in this defense because he recognizes the positive impact Christianity has made throughout the history of the world:

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Same-sex adoptions debate returns to Georgia Legislature

An Open Door Adoption Agency can’t contract with the state of Georgia because it limits placing children to the families of Christians, just as it has since opening in 1986.

The Thomasville adoption agency serves the whole state and is one of the religious-based child-placement nonprofits operating in Georgia that could start receiving state money if a newly introduced bill is passed. Supporters of Senate Bill 368 include some of Georgia’s most influential senators.

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Days before attack, Nigerian bishop warned of poor protection for Christians

Just days before a suspected Islamist militant attack killed 30 people in Nigeria, a prominent bishop in the country lamented what he saw as a lack of adequate protection from the Nigerian government for the country’s nearly 100 million Christians.

Suspected Islamist militants set sleeping travelers on fire in Borno state, Nigeria, on Feb. 11, burning 18 vehicles filled with food supplies and killing at least 30, including a pregnant woman and her baby.

In a Feb. 7 interview with Aid to the Church in Need, Archbishop Augustine Obiora Akubeze of Benin City, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, warned that “The current situation in Nigeria reflects an unnecessary, unwarranted and self-inflicted tension. A politically polarized nation.”

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26 nations joins United States in alliance for religious freedom

On February 5, 26 nations joined the United States to create the International Religious Freedom Alliance. The members of the new alliance have pledged to uphold a Declaration of Principles, solidifying their collective commitment to object and oppose, publicly and privately, all abuses or violations of religious freedom.
The nations joining the U.S. in the Slliance are Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, The Gambia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Senegal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Togo, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

The United States Department of State, in announcing the group, said the Alliance is “grounded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, dedicated to working for the right of every man and woman to believe in whatever they wish, to change faith, or hold no faith if their conscience dictates.”

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Should the United Methodist Church Split over Same-Sex Marriage?

Most mainline American Protestant denominations have liberalized their stance on same-sex relationships in recent years. The Presbyterian Church, USA (PCUSA), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the American Baptist Churches, USA (ABCUSA), and the Episcopal Church, USA (ECUSA), among others, now preside over same-sex marriages and ordain ministers in same-sex relationships. The United Methodist Church, by contrast, retained its traditional stance barring both of those practices longer than other mainline denominations.

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