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Canada Alzheimer’s Society Endorses Euthanasia by Advance Directive

Canada is debating whether to permit euthanasia by advance directive, meaning, allowing people to sign instructions requiring they be killed by their doctor once they reach a determined level of incompetence. In other words, a former self will be given the power to order their current self dispatched — even, presumably, if the current self is not suffering and may not want to die.

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Teen Vogue tells teen girls abortion is ‘popular’ and will give them ‘freedom’

When it comes to teens, parents typically tell them that it’s never a good idea to do something just because it’s popular. But at Teen Vogue, the shuttered magazine-turned-website, that’s exactly the argument being used in support of abortion. The website, which is marketed towards girls aged 12-17, recently featured an op-ed from Caitlin Cruz, who claimed that the American attitude on abortion is overwhelmingly positive, so opposing it is nonsensical. Cruz’s claim, however, just isn’t true.

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San Francisco blacklists 22 states for restrictive abortion laws

San Francisco is blacklisting 22 states that have restrictive abortion policies, saying that it will no longer do business with those states “because of their severe anti-choice policies.” Nine of the states were already on the city’s banned list based on LGBTQ laws that the city deemed to be discriminatory in July.

Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Vallie Brown, the author of the ordinance, announced the decision Wednesday. In addition to travel restrictions to those states, the city will not enter into any new contracts with companies headquartered in any of the 22 states.

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23-Year-Old Woman Will be Euthanized Because She Suffers From Depression and Eating Disorders

A physically healthy woman, aged 23, is to be euthanised by lethal injection for mental health reasons.

Kelly, who lives in Leuven, Belgium, experienced social anxiety as a teenager and now suffers from various severe mental health problems which have caused her to self-harm, attempt suicide and experience eating disorders.

The young woman applied to die seven months ago after discovering euthanasia was legal for those experiencing poor mental health. Kelly is currently being assessed by Joris Vandenberghe, a local professor.

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A couple digging a grave for their baby found another infant buried alive

The couple were at the cemetery in northern India to bury their baby, who died minutes after birth.

As they dug a small grave for their child, their spade struck something hard. It was a clay pot and, from inside, they could hear an infant crying. That, local police say, is when the villagers discovered a newborn, buried alive.

She was no more than two or three days old, according to police in the state of Uttar Pradesh, who were quickly summoned to the cemetery on Oct. 10 and took the newborn to a hospital. The infant had respiratory problems and was put on a ventilator, said Alka Sgarna, the medical superintendent who treated her and spoke to CNN.

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Anti-Abortion Group Draws Pro-Choice Crowd At EMU

As part of a three-state traveling tour, the anti-abortion group Created Equal stopped by Eastern Michigan University on Wednesday. And as 89.1 WEMU’s Jorge Avellan tells us, they used a JumboTron TV screen to get their message across.
“Protect women’s rights” and “I stand with Planned Parenthood” were among the many pro-choice messages written in chalk on sidewalks outside the Marshall Building at EMU. They were written by students to peacefully protest a video that showed a fetus getting aborted.

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Mississippi pro-lifers file suit against abortion clinic protest restrictions

ackson, Miss., Oct 16, 2019 / 02:41 am (CNA).- Pro-life advocates in Jackson, Mississippi have filed a lawsuit against a new city ordinance that would restrict protesters’ ability to approach people and demonstrate outside abortion clinics.

The appellants, who are volunteers for a national organization called Sidewalk Advocates for Life, often congregate outside the state’s last abortion clinic, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization. That facility performs abortions up to 16 weeks.

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