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SOCIETYNEWS Florida Governor Signs Law Requiring Parental Consent Before Girls Can Get Abortions

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law Tuesday requiring parents or legal guardians to consent before a minor can obtain an abortion.

The bill, SB 404, requires that a parent or guardian consent before a minor can obtain an abortion and increases penalties for abortion providers who refuse to comply with Florida’s requirement to care for babies born alive in botched abortions.

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Roberts’s Arbitrary Flip on Abortion

June Medical Services stoked concerns about whether the Court would once again revert to the “abortion distortion” — ignoring normal rules of procedure in the context of abortion, treating the practice as the preeminent constitutional right, and behaving like our nation’s de facto medical board. Unfortunately, that is precisely what did happen — not because of the votes of either of the two junior justices who were not on the Court in 2016, but because Roberts changed his position, giving the liberal bloc a majority.

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Florida governor signs abortion bill requiring parental consent for minors

The bill, which was passed by the legislature earlier this year and goes into effect on July 1, would prohibit doctors from performing the procedure on minors unless they first get a notarized letter from a parent or guardian. Under previous law, people under the age of 18 needed to inform a parent or legal guardian before undergoing the procedure.

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USCIRF Warns that Forced Sterilization of Uyghur Muslims is Evidence of Genocide

Since 2017, the Chinese government under President Xi Jinping has detained more than a million Uyghur, Kazakh, and other Muslims, often targeting individuals engaged in religious practices, such as growing beards or wearing veils. According to leaked government documents, many individuals were detained because they had too many children. As stated by newly published research, the Chinese government’s sterilization policies have led birth rates in Xinjiang to plummet 24 percent last year. In addition, nearly half a million Muslim children have been separated from their families and placed in boarding schools, where they have been forced to denounce Islam and speak Mandarin.

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‘Unreal,’ ‘unjust’: Conservatives react to SCOTUS ruling helping ‘genocidal’ abortion industry

June 30, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Reacting to yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court to strike down a Louisiana law requiring basic medical precautions in the event of abortion complications, conservatives criticized Chief Justice John Roberts’ siding with the liberals on the bench and reversing his own past decision to uphold a similar Texas law.

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Supreme Court decision confirms what we already know: Expect betrayal

June 30, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – We cannot say that the brutal Supreme Court June Medical Services v. Russo decision was a surprise to most veteran pro-lifers. The June 29 decision struck down a state’s requirement that abortionists have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals for cases of botched abortions. Regulations hoping to prevent the death of women from abortion complications were seen as an undue burden on women who seek abortions.

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