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The Transgender Suicide Myth Exposed

Jazz Jennings, star of the TLC reality show “I Am Jazz,” has been sharing her transition story from male to female since she was six years old. Now she is 19, bound for Harvard, and convalescing from last year’s “bottom surgery” – removal of the male bits.

The sixth season of “I Am Jazz”, which began last month, features her third operation. There has been a complication and she may have to have a fourth.

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Nike Swooshes in to Attack Women’s Sports

First, it attacked America. Then adoption. Now, women. Honestly, with such a busy schedule of political extremism, it’s a mystery how Nike has time to sell anything. But for all of the company’s radical campaigns, it’s Nike’s latest that’s really raising eyebrows. The retail titan is picking a side in the transgender sports debate—and it isn’t girls’.

Just how beholden is big business to LGBT activists? Well, one of the biggest manufacturers of international sports equipment just told half its market that it doesn’t care about the future of women’s sports. So much for Nike’s progressive feminist cred.

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Transition as Treatment: The Best Studies Show the Worst Outcomes

A pattern begins to emerge as we survey some of the best and longest outcome studies on gender transition: the longer the studies and the better the methods, the more negative the results.
The treatment for this particular disorder is severe: lifelong experimental medicalization, sterilization, and complete removal of healthy body parts—a treatment Dr. Ray Blanchard, one of the world’s foremost sexologists, calls “palliative.” In spite of its severity, however, medical gender transition is no longer a rarity. It is the recommended treatment for gender dysphoria, a diagnosable disorder of incongruence between one’s felt “gender” and one’s natal sex, the prevalence of which is increasing tremendously throughout the world. More and more children and adolescents are being diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and are undergoing medical treatment prior even to completing puberty.

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More Mainline Protestant Pastors Affirm Same-Sex Marriage

Nearly half of mainline Protestant pastors (47%) now agree “there is nothing wrong with two people of the same gender getting married,” according to a LifeWay Research report published Feb. 11.

Overall, this remains a minority view among U.S. Protestant pastors, with only 24% of all respondents agreeing with this position. This is a 4-point increase from 2018.

Among the 72% of all Protestant pastors who disagree with this statement, 67% “strongly disagree” and 5% “somewhat disagree” – an overall three-point decline in disagreement from last year. The remaining 4% were unsure (unchanged from 2018).

The number of mainline pastors affirming same-sex marriage has increased 15 points since 2010. This is the primary reason for an overall 9-point increase in Protestant pastors’ support during this time period because evangelical pastors’ support has remained unchanged at 8%.

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Who should decide when a child can change gender?

It was a case that tore a family apart – and exposed the faultlines in an increasingly bitter global row over the rights of a child to define their own gender.

The battle late last year in Texas between two parents over the gender identity of their child sparked a raft of bills across the United States that have been dubbed anti-LGBT by campaigners and pro-family by conservative groups.

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Bank Reverses Decision, Picks Kids Over LGBT Activists

Seven hundred kids. That’s how many students would have lost their scholarships—and a chance at a better life—if Fifth Third Bank hadn’t come to its senses.

Instead, after a week of uncertainty, the company sat down with Florida parents and pastors and decided not to listen to Florida’s cultural bullies. It’s one thing for a company to support LGBT extremism. It’s quite another, the bank agreed, to hurt needy children in the process.

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Equal Rights Amendment’s intentions hijacked by LGBTQ movement

The slogan in the 1970s was ERA Now. But what happens when it’s ERA later?

In this case, much later. Virginia’s purported ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment last month created a legal mess. Among the questions raised is whether the equality promised for two sexes would apply to the growing LGBTQ movement.

“What is difficult in the case of the Equal Rights Amendment is that the words are essentially meaningless,” said Rob Natelson, who heads the Constitutional Studies Center at the Independence Institute. “The amendment is so poorly drafted and so general it’s fair to say it’s meaningless.”

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