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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Bill to Stop Infanticide, Care for Babies Born Alive After Abortion

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law Friday to provide stronger protections to infants who survive abortions.

“Children who survive an abortion should be, and now will be, protected and given lifesaving care in Texas,” Texas Values Action wrote on Twitter in celebration of the news.

Texas House Bill 16, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Jeff Leach, requires abortion practitioners to provide basic medical care to infants who survive abortions. It allows third-degree felony charges and a fine of up to $100,000 for violations.

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Supreme Court Engages on Same-sex Marriage Cake Case, Hands Win to Baker, for Now

For the second time in as many years, the Supreme Court on Monday engaged on a major religious liberty case involving same-sex marriage, but is sidestepping for now the substantive issue of alleged religion-based discrimination.

The court granted the petition of Christian bakers in Oregon who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because of their religious beliefs and wiped away a lower court ruling against them. The justices sent the case back to the Sixth Circuit for further consideration.

Instructing the appeals court to reexamine the matter in light of a similar, narrowly-decided case last year from Colorado, the justices left open the key question of when discrimination on religious grounds can override civil rights protections written into law.

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Texas Town Outlaws Abortion, Declares Sanctuary City for the Unborn

A city council in Waskom, Texas, outlawed abortion procedures Wednesday and declared the city a sanctuary for the unborn.

The move was pushed by Right to Life of East Texas and precedes another bill Texas lawmakers are pushing, which would require doctors to care for babies born alive following botched abortions. Abortions are not permitted in the state of Texas after 20 weeks, The Washington Post reports.

Waskom sits on the Texas and Louisiana border and is the first city in Texas to declare such a measure. There are no abortion clinics in Waskom. “Congratulations Waskom, Texas for becoming the first city in Texas to become a ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’ by resolution and the first city in the Nation to become a ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’ by ordinance,” said Right to Life of East Texas Director Mark Lee Dickson in a Facebook post. “Although I did have my disagreements with the final version, the fact remains that abortion is now OUTLAWED in Waskom, Texas!”

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Botswana’s High Court Rules Homosexuality Is Not A Crime

Botswana’s high court has thrown out a colonial-era law that criminalized same-sex relations in a landmark ruling lauded by activists. People who broke the law had faced the threat of a seven-year prison sentence.

The case was brought by a young activist who said Botswana’s society had changed since sections of the country’s penal code were enacted, banning the “carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature.” On Tuesday, the court agreed.

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The Supreme Court Must Help This Christian Florist

Last year, when the Supreme Court of the United States decided Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, two things were immediately clear. First, the Court had condemned the double standards and intolerance that so often define government actions against people of faith. But second, it had punted on the core First Amendment question at issue: Can the government compel a creative professional to exercise his artistic talents to advance a message with which he disagrees?

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Quebec Is Poised to Undermine Religious Freedom. Europe’s wave of burqa bans comes crashing down in the Americas.

With a proposed ban on public employees wearing religious symbols in Quebec to be debated by the legislature by June 14, the Canadian province is poised to potentially become the first regional government in North America to ban the veil for government staff. Like many bans on religious symbols, this one, in theory, will also target turbans and yarmulkes. In practice, it will hit Muslim women who wear the hijab hardest.

Quebec may be a canary for the Americas, but its proposed law joins several recent bans on hijabs and niqabs (full face veils) across Europe. Understanding the dynamics that have given rise to Europe’s bans—the mainstreaming of bigotry, targeting of Muslim women, and impact on local Muslims—sheds light on what’s at stake in the pending Canadian legislation. Attacks on racial or religious minorities from Quebec to Christchurch, New Zealand, to the U.S. cities of Charleston, Oak Creek, Pittsburgh, and Poway were perpetrated by footmen in a loosely organized global white power movement.

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CNN Poll: Abortion growing in importance for voters heading into 2020 election

Three-in-10 Americans say they would only vote for a candidate for major office who shares their views on abortion, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. That’s higher than at any point in CNN polling on the topic from 1996 on.

Gender is a big factor in whether a person views abortion as a critical issue, even more than partisanship. Women (33%) — especially independent women (42%) and non-white women (39%) — are more apt to consider it a critical issue than men (26%). The share who say it is critical for them is about the same across party lines (33% for independents, 29% for Democrats, 28% for Republicans).
Twenty percent overall say they don’t see abortion as a major issue, while 45% would consider a candidate’s position on abortion, but don’t see it as a decisive issue.

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Gillibrand’s Plan To Protect LGBTQ Community Includes Requirement That Insurers Cover Hormone Therapy

Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand has unveiled a comprehensive plan to protect the rights of LGBTQ people to mark the start of Pride Month.

If elected, the New York senator says she’d direct the Justice Department to consider gender identity and sexual orientation a protected class. She would also ban discrimination against transgender members of the military and federally recognize a third gender in identification documents, denoted by an “X″ on ID cards.

In a platform announced Saturday, Gillibrand said she’d prohibit gay conversion therapy nationwide and direct public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their identity.

Her proposal would further require health insurance plans to cover hormone therapy for transgender patients, and it would recognize U.S. asylum claims for LGBTQ people fleeing persecution in their home countries.

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Pro-life Laws Don’t Establish Christianity and Religious Liberty is Not a License to Kill

It makes no sense to claim that laws restricting abortion tread on the free exercise of religion because they do not allow abortions to be performed by people who have no religious objections to them. No serious interpretation of religious liberty allows people to do whatever they want simply because their religion allows or promotes it.

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